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  0 orders shipping today, [mrc freemarker exceptionAn error has occurred when reading existing sub-variable "SHPDAT"; see cause exception! The type of the containing value was: extended_hash+string (CRAZYBIKES.R00170s$Field wrapped into f.e.b.StringModel) ---- FTL stack trace ("~" means nesting-related): - Failed at: ${row.SHPDAT} [in template "R00170.html50" at line 286, column 60] ----]. Their current truck assignment and mapped shipping addresses are shown.
  This page demonstrates two different ways to change order-truck assignments.
  This record does not exist.
  1. Drag-and-drop to reassign orders to different trucks:        - or -   2. Interact with the map by clicking the markers to reassign orders to different trucks:

Green Truck

Red Truck

Blue Truck